Five Tips On How To Quit Smoking in the Work place

Quit Smoking in the Work place

If you currently smoke cigarettes, and you are trying to quit, you may find it very difficult to do. Nicotine is a very addicting substance, the chemical compound that is within tobacco, that actually motivates people to smoke. There are many ways that you can stop smoking, some of which are easy, whereas others are very difficult to do. Let’s take a look at five of the top ways that people have successfully quit smoking over the years, one of which might be right for you.

Use Electronic Cigarettes


This is something that is also known as vaping which has become very popular. It is a nicotine delivery system, one that is actually compromising the profitability of the cigarette industry. These electronic devices come in many different shapes and sizes, delivering nicotine into your system through a unique form of vapor. Once you inhale, just like the smoke from the cigarette, the nicotine will be absorbed into your bloodstream, giving you your nicotine fix. The reason that this is considered a way to stop smoking is that it is the carcinogens in cigarette smoke, and all of the chemicals that are used to make cigarettes, which lead to cancer. Therefore, if you want to stop smoking regular cigarettes, yet still have your nicotine, this is the best way to stop smoking for some people.

Use Prescription Drugs

There are some prescription drugs that you can get that can help end your cravings. A few of these drugs include Champix and Zyban. The problem with this particular method is that you are putting chemically created pharmaceutical drugs into your body which will have their own side effects, plus you need to keep taking them in order to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking All At Once

Nicotine will cause you to have withdrawals. That is why continue to smoke even if you really don’t want to. Your body is going to react, and if you stop smoking all at once, you are going to go through withdrawal symptoms. Similar to how people react when they stop taking opiates, you will go through this for several days. However, it is highly probable that once you have gone through the tremors and sweating associated with these withdrawals, your addiction will actually come to an end.

Start Doing Rigorous Exercise

Nicotine is actually affecting certain receptors in the brain which prompts your body to need you to smoke every now and then. This craving is induced by activating neuroreceptors in the brain. One way that you can reprogram the brain is to overproduce near receptors in your brain that also activates feelings of pleasure and reward and these are called endorphins. When you do strenuous exercises such as running very fast, or doing fast repetitions when weightlifting, you automatically force the body to create endorphins. These are also feel good neurotransmitters, and if your body starts to crave those more than what the nicotine can do, you could literally lose your cravings for cigarettes by getting into the best shape of your life.

Replacement Therapy

One final strategy that you might use is what some call supplement replacement therapy. Nicotine can actually be replaced by taking stimulants like coffee, or even eating sugary snacks, that can make you feel good or help you feel more energized. Some people get this by taking natural supplements such as vitamin B12. Regardless of how you do this, as long as it is healthy, you could again redirect the pathways of your brain to crave sugary sweets, coffee, or vitamin B12 which gives you a boost of energy, over and above what nicotine does for you right now.

By trying just a few of these methodologies for ending your smoking habit, you may have success very quickly. These have all been used by people worldwide and one of them might work for you. If you are serious about ending your addiction to cigarettes, you now have many options that could help you stop this debilitating habit.